RGF Executive Search

//Identifies the top talent for your business

Proven top leadership is your strategic asset, and there is no room for error in the selection of your top management. We assist world's leading companies in identifying exceptional top leadership with accuracy

The Leadership Search Challenge

In the face of globalization and fast escalating challenges, Boards and CEO today are seeking leaders to drive transformation and success with true strength in strategy and multicultural sensitivity. Helping Boards and CEOs find these leaders requires the highest level of consulting experience and specialised industry knowlege.

  • Executive searches are challenging and crucial to the success of your organization. They may also be delicate, high-risk and confidential. Hence, trust is essential.
  • These searches require an in-depth understanding of your industry and organization coupled with the knowing of what competencies your leader will need
  • These searches require an adaptable and insightful consulting approach to help you determine what's beyond

RGF Executive Search Approach

  • Industry Specific Expertise and Knowledge:
    Our consultants are well-versed in their industry knowledge to work closely with you in your executive hires.
  • International Cross-border Search:
    We seek to locate the best candidate, wherever in the world they may be. This is made possible through our worldwide market coverage across 28 cities, 11 countries and 46 offices, seamless inter-office relationships, deep local business knowledge and significant industry expertise.
  • In-Depth Research on Executive Candidates:
    We investigate prospects thoroughly and only approach candidates with very strong potential.
  • Executive and Leadership Assessment:
    Finding the right executive candidate requires leadership judgement with paramount accuracy. We help you to identify and access the right leaders through our relentless and meticulous evaluation process